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Hidden Cove Park On Lewisville Lake

US Army Corps of Engineers leases 720 acres to The Colony, Texas.

The Colony leases some of the park's property to Marine Quest.

Marine Quest is sub-leasing to different vendors

The Marina, Camping, RV Sites, Campgrounds, Tent Camping, RV Campsites

are operated by Marine Quest.

The Restaurant/Bar, Boat Rentals, Ship Store and Gas Docks

are operated By Sam's Dock.

Over 20 parks surround the lake and offer camping, hiking,

picnicking, horseback riding, boating, and golf.

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Hidden Cove Park is on Lewisville Lake which used to be called Lewisville State Park, developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1981. The State of Texas built the roads, shelters, pavilions, RV sites, dining hall, boat ramp, etc. When the State of Texas turned Lewisville State Park over to The Colony, this terminated the status of the park as a state park. The state then opened Ray Roberts State Park - (Directions/Map) just a few minutes away with more RV sites, camping areas, large sandy swim beach, fishing pier and store.

Since May 1, 1995, The City of The Colony leases Hidden Cove Park from the Corps at no charge.

JT's Boat Rentals and park store started operations in spring of 2002. JT's Concessionaire contract with The Colony was for the food, beverage and rentals for the entire park, fulfilling the city's contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers. JT's submitted initial plans for 50 boat slips, miniature golf, arcade center and enlarging the store (we were told not to call it a marina), but our plans were Quickly Denied (via the Parks & Rec. Director Pam Nelson), to find that they had silent bids out for a marina, just a few were invited (we were not invited to bid). A portion of the park operations were privatized by the city in January 2005 and leased from The Colony by a marina operator with $250,000 due at signing, Lease Agreement. The City of the The Colony (via the Parks & Rec. Director Pam Nelson) told JT's the city and marina operators would honor our contract when the marina operators started construction. JT's designed the layout of the current ship store. We were prepared to stock and operate the ship store/gas docks, have 30 motor boats, and 4 party boats. We endured vandalism, jet ski theft, mowing of  the lawn late Saturday mornings with our customers there, gas tanks taken off boats and scattered in the parking lot, etc. In the fall of 2008 the new marina operator finally paid The City of The Colony $250,000 and then The Colony City Council cancelled JT's Concessionaire Contract the next week after 7 years with 9 years remaining on JT's contract.  JT's was then forced to close our park store and boat rentals in Hidden Cove Park.


JT's Boat Rentals reorganized in spring 2009 and moved to Eagle Point Marina, Lewisville, TX.

In 2009 we customized our business to accommodate larger groups on Lewisville Lake.

In 2011 JT's has 3 Party Boats on Lake Lewisville to celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary!

In 2010, the marina operators had a local Frisco company refinance the project again. The Colony Council heard a presentation from Frisco City Council member Scott Johnson, representing not Frisco but Ascendant Solutions, read more.......... , but in 2011 Ascendant withdrew and is no longer involved. Currently, Hidden Cove Marina is still under construction since 2005 and is not yet completed. The project is only a fraction of the original proposal presented to the city as 850 slips are now just 350 because 500 slips were never purchased by the marina operator from the Tribute developers. The city granted partial occupancy of the 350 slips just so they could open. Hidden Cove Park is not presently a "resort" as it does not have the floating restaurant, hotel, pool, beach, etc.

2012 the 350 slip marina is still partially open and no new development has started. Fall of 2012 Marine Quest's contract was cancelled, after months of negotiations a new contract was written. This company has been in breach of it's contract since day 1, with the new contract they have 1 year to get caught up.

JT's Boat Rentals owned the domain name www.hiddencovepark.com which was created by JT's in 2001. After The City of The Colony cancelled our contract, JT's offered to sell the domain to the new operator in Sept. 2008, but they declined stating they would change the name of the park before paying JT's anything. After 7 years of advertising and marketing for this park, we kept the domain for our customers to find JT's new location at Eagle Point Marina and to deter rumors and or slander of our company. JT's is the First and Only owner of this domain. JT's donated the domain as good faith on the sale of their vessel to Sam's Dock.

JT's Boat Rentals sold their vessels in spring of 2016. Sam's Dock only wanted to buy the vessels and not the business, JT's Boat Rentals has changed their name to DFW Party Boats and now a marketing and consulting firm only. JT's Boat Rentals no longer do any boat rentals or charters. Captain Joe will contract out at  times for Captain Services.

DFW Party Boats is your boat rental directory for DFW,

locate all rental companies on 1 website!


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